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In “(T)here and After” Alexandra Waierstall creates a nearly “physical landscape” by her typically delicate style. Movement weaves like a long breath through ever changing relations of words, music and silence, where various but never definite spaces and images emerge. With seven dancers and the visual artist Marianna Christofides she moves through the archelogy of deeper layers of a futuristic utopia that is still to be designed. In each choreographic approach place and time are undefined and the here and now is generated between vague hints of the future and the bodily presence of the dancers. Softly pulsating they pass through those different states and at all times refer to what could have been.
Alexandra Waierstall has been a Factory Artist since 2014 at the tanzhaus nrw. During this time she produced the successful choreographies “A City Seeking its Bodies” (2015) and “And here we meet” (2016) with the composer and piano player Volker Bertelmann aka HAUSCHKA. With “(T)here and After” she connects the two previous works.


Concept and choreography: Alexandra Waierstall
Artistic collaboration: Marianna Christofides
Costumes, stage: Alexandra Waierstall, Horst Weierstall
Performance, collaboration: Eldad Ben-Sasson, Ionna Paraskevoloulou, Damien Fournier, Harry Koushos, Martyna Lorenc, Anna Pehrsson, Emmi Väisänen
Collaboration: Dani Brown
Light design: Alexandra Waierstall, Marianna Christofides, Ansgar Kluge
Sound design: Michael Buchholz
Management: Judith Jaeger
Co-production: tanzhaus nrw (Düsseldorf), Dance Ireland, Dance Gate Lefkosia Cyprus

Premiere: 24.11.2016, tanzhaus nrw

Support: Ministry for Families, Children, Youth, Culture and Sports of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Cultural Office of the State Capital Dusseldorf, Kunststiftung NRW, National Performance Network (NPN), Co-production Fund for Dance supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media on the basis of a resolution passed by the German Bundestag

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photo credit: (C) Christian Herrmann



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