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a crossover of music, poetry, visual imagery and dance

rozdILovI, a long term project developed by ArtPole agency from Ukraine around 2014, started out in the format of a lab, first combining poetry, music and visualization. At a later point the project evolved into a performance format and has continuously transformed with changing texts, images, melodies and artists who joined besides the main team around Olia Mykhailiuk (idea/visualization), Serhii Zhadan (text/voice) and Oleksii Vorsoba (music).

For this new video format of rozdilovi, rozdilovi multilingual, LAB ON STAGE was invited to choreograph an embodied encounter with the text, music and visuals.

Meeting the seemingly unfamiliar, in terms of cultural context, literary work was an opportunity to exercise a certain kind of reception. Instead of analysing and referencing, we read the poems through our bodies, movements, impulses and images. Using performative and perceptual scores developed throughout previous works, we observed the responses to the words in the spheres of bodily sensations and imagination. The emergent landscapes, haptic and dreamy, surprisingly wove threads of motifs into scraps of narratives. There were cycles of life and cycles of earth, inevitability of processes, joy, hurt, growing, decaying, loving and dying. There is grey and there is red, and also kamasutra of the heart.

And so joyfully, in the constant returning, everything that was constructed got deconstructed, refusing to fixate on prevailing meaning, intellectual imprint, political charge. Refusing to take a judgement, position itself on a side, force an idea.

That is the space our protagonist attempts to inhabit, and where we wish to meet you.

The work can be viewed online at, where you can design your own pathway through different translations and media - poems, drawings, video.

Idea, text selection, visualisations: Olia Mykhailiuk (Kyiv)
Original texts: Serhiy Zhadan (Kharkiv)
Original compositions, accordion: Oleksiy Vorsoba (Minsk)
Original compositions, saxophone, soundbox: Tomasz Sikora (Wroclaw)
Postproduction, editing, compositing: Serhiy Pyliavets (Ivano-Frankivsk)
Performance: Andrea Maria Handler 
Choreography: Martyna Lorenc
Costume: Adriana Torres
Camera, light, postproduction: (Bernhard Pusch)
Project initiation: ArtPole Agency Ukraine
Supported by: Stadt Linz, Land Oberösterreich, BMKÖS,, ISKL Studio, Austrian Cultural Forum Kiev

Premiere: 25.06.2021 at 18:30 DH5 Linz & Arsenal Book Festival Kiev

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photo credit: collage on the left (C) Lab On Stage, postcards on the right (C) ArtPole



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