I am an artist creating in the field of performing arts. I work as a choreographer, dancer and researcher. Born in Poznań (Poland), I am currently based in Austria, working internationally. My academic education includes Msc. degree in cognitive science at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, BA degrees in contemporary dance and pedagogy at Anton Bruckner University in Linz, a year of studying acoustics at the Department of Physics, countless courses, workshops, classes.

As a dance performer I have been a long-term member of C.O.V. Company Off Verticality/Rose Breuss and Editta Braun Company, and collaborated as a free lancer with i.e. Alexander Gottfarb, Alexandra Waierstall, Rosalind Crisp, Georg Blaschke, David Zambrano and many others. Simultaneously, I have been creating own works in the field of choreography and performance, mixing and custom shaping formats (as gallery performances, video art, club techno sessions of guided sensory&imaginary journeys).

Due to my education and character, my interests and work are interdisciplinary. My research involves the topic of touch and attention to sensations and bodily information, with its relation to imagery, memory, communication, consciousness. Both artistically and scientifically, I am interested in most diverse ways of inhabiting and discovering the body, its knowledge and capacities, and the role of bodily awareness both in functioning of organisms as well as the process of collective change.

Since 2020, I am also involved in maiz - Autonomous Centre from and for migrant women* - in Linz, where I work at conception and coordination of creative projects for youth.(www.maiz.at)

photo credit: Maria Czernohorszky