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What happens when restrictions on movement and contact restrict our radius of movement, isolate us, limit us to our home, to four walls, perhaps a garden? Thrown back on ourselves and the few closest to us, we begin to travel in our heads, becoming permeable to dreams and fears, fantasies and visions. What we have kept out of our lives for a long time suddenly collapses: surreal and alien, expansive and unstoppable. Threat or hope? Another reality that expands, enriches and questions our world. Which has always been there, perhaps, and which we are only now beginning to perceive...

In April 2020, during lockdown due to Coronavirus pandemic, me and two other dancers were invited by Editta Braun to create a short video, inviting the performance material of her latest piece "Hydráos" with its LUVOSmove® technique into our homes. The films were created in Poznan (Poland), Innsbruck and Linz. Mz part, vol. 2 you can watch below, the other volumes from Anna Maria Müller and Sonia Borkowicz you can find here.

Idea, artistic direction: Editta Braun
Creation, performance: Martyna Lorenc
Music: Cécile Thévenot
Camera: Bernhard Pusch
Editing: Martyna Lorenc, Bernhard Pusch
Funded by: Österreichisches Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlichen Dienst und Sport
Land Salzburg, Stadt Salzburg

Online premiere: 5.08.2020




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