August 2023

new picture series from a project "MEIN ZU HAUSE WO ICH" from Adriana Torres 



"beat-rooting", an open laboratory with fem*-voice-collective and FIFTITU% Linz



"Luvos migrations" in Kosmos Theater Vienna

Hi! I am an artist creating in the field of performing arts, a pedagogue and embodied facilitator for groups. I enjoy discovering the planes of sensation, imagination, creativity and expression and their role in fostering vitality, individual and collective transformations, social change and combating inequalities.

I am an artist creating in the field of performing arts. I dedicate myself to initiating dialogue by developing choreographic works, performing for other artists and research.  My interest lies in most diverse ways of inhabiting and discovering the body, its knowledge and interdependency with psyche, and the role of bodily awareness both in functioning of organisms as well as the process of collective change.

current projects

current projects