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«The combination of poetry, music and visual imagery creates a new organic body which audience look closely to.  The visual part of the "Rozdilovi" is so laconic and so firmly attached to the lyrics, literally emerging and growing out of it, that sometimes you can get lost in what exactly you hear and what you see. "Rozdilovi" translate poetry from textual form to touch through the iconic likeness of sign and meaning. Sometimes music complements and supports this dance of voice and characters, sometimes comes to the fore, sometimes almost disappears. All of this together create some other space and emotional state, which is certainly more than the sum of visual performance, music and poetry.»
— Lia Dostlieva 

rozdIlovI is a project developed by ArtPole Agency in Ukraine. Since the beginning of its long history in 2014, it brings together artists of different disciplines and in different countries. The departure point to this musical-poetic-visual-performative journey is the writing of Ukrainian poet Serhij Zadan. The project took on different instances throughout the years - multimedia live performances, postcards, videos. Poems and translations, as well as videos of previous performances, e-postcards and videos are available at the project's page:

In 2020 Lab On Stage Collective (Andrea Maria Handler, Martyna Lorenc, Adriana Torres), was invited to co-create the newest rozdIlovI format - rozdIlovI multilingual, an international collaboration resulting in a video piece involving the poetry, choreography, visuals and music. According to the concept and specificially due to the pandemic, participating artists developed their parts seperately, based on the selection of texts. For this project, Lab On Stage's part was to create short pieces/choreographic sequences for video to be merged later with the visuals and the music. 

For our part, we took on a very specific methodology of working with the poetic text. Using tools and tasks developed in previous research projects and creations (PB/RP - see the body of work listed below), we refrained from a typical text analysis and to turned to haptic, sensory reading, observing and noting the sensations and imagery that appears. The first encounter with the text was decidedly more performative rather than strictly intellectual. Through these tools, as well as experimenting with the temporality of the texts, we built sensory-imaginary landscapes as a departure point for the choreographic scenes. 

Tools, exercises and tasks we've been using come from PHANTOM BODY | REAL PLEASURES body of work with the following history: 

+ initial research „phantoms beyond the brain“ Maria Zimpel, Gaja Karolczak, Martyna Lorenc
+ „phantom of paradise“ performance

+ „garden of desires @ MEMPHIS MEMPHIS“ performance & exhibition
+ „“ explorative club session
+ „garden of desires“ performance
+ „phantom bodies | real pleasures“ workshop series
+ „into touch. phantom bodies' universes“ lecture performance 

+ „phantom data in our bodies and imagination“ workshop 

Idea, text selection, visualisations: Olia Mykhailiuk (Kyiv)
Original texts: Serhiy Zhadan (Kharkiv)
Original compositions, accordion: Oleksiy Vorsoba (Minsk)
Original compositions, saxophone, soundbox: Tomasz Sikora (Wroclaw)
Visualizations, effects: Serhiy Pyliavets (Ivano-Frankivsk)
Performance: Andrea Maria Handler 
Choreography: Martyna Lorenc
Costume: Adriana Torres
Video: Lab On Stage & (Bernhard Pusch)
Project initiation: ArtPole Agency Ukraine
Supported by: Stadt Linz, Land Oberösterreich, BMKÖS,, ISKL Studio, Austrian Cultural Forum Kiev

Premiere: t.b.a. (between April and June 2021)

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photo credit: collage on the left (C) Lab On Stage, postcards on the right (C) ArtPole



Encounters (2020)durational performance (streaming)

IXo-9 (2020)video installation

Garden of desires (2018)performance in a lecture setting


Beton (new)performance

Negotiations (2018-2019)durational performance

TRWANIE (2019)durational performance

Doggy dreams (2019)improvisation performance

Trance.Sense.Dance (2018)explorative club session

All about Alice (2018)performance for young audience

Close-up 2.0 (2017)performance

4only (2017)performance

Love & delay (2015)performance

WYSIWYG (2014)performance

Back to Bone (2014)performance

Instant (2014)performance

4plus1 (2014)performance

Multiple two (2013)performance